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Read ((Lemon! Asriel x Chara)) from the story undertale oneshots // by grumpin (i know that you miss me baby) with 14928 reads. shipping, oneshots, undertale. Read chara x asriel from the story UNDERTALE SMUT/LEMOnS by waterkyun (kyun _(┐「ε:)_) with 800 reads. undertalesmut, undertalelemon, lemon. “asriel . I recently fell in love with our favorite goat boy, so of course I decided to play along and write a lemon. Plus this is my OTP #Friskriel. {Chara X Asriel} by -_Nico_- with 183 reads. napstablook, papachevre, sans. . MAIS J’AI UNE QUESTION sa vous dit un petit “lemon” entre Chara et Asriel ? 6. Read Asriel X Chara from the story ~ Undertale Lemons and Smut ~ by Joshuagasgb (Joshua) with 634 reads. undertale, lemon. A/N: Chara is Female Both . Read Asriel x Chara 2 from the story ~ Undertale Lemons and Smut ~ by Joshuagasgb (Joshua) with 467 reads. lemon, undertale. A/N It’s from my Asriel x . 26 févr. 2017 – Je reviens à la charge avec un deuxième lemon qui, je l’espère, vous plaira . mais à la place j’ai reçu que de l’admiration, tro d’amur pour moa X). Bref, voici un lemon Underfell entre Asriel et Frisk (adultes), dont je trouve le . 26 mai 2016 – Chara is female and Asriel is male, as usual. This will be told from Chara’s POV. This will contain smut, not all of this is smut. Why? Because . 5 oct. 2017 – a few months after Asriel was saved and moved to the surface with toriel and frisk. he started to have nightmares about this dark figure. but he .

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